Send Your Prayer To Jerusalem’s Holiest Site

And support widows and orphants in Israel

What is Jerusalem’s  Holiest Site?

The Western Wall is a part of what used to be the temple of the Jewish people in Jerusalem. It appears in many historical writings from the Roman era and in the story of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Placing a note in the cracks of the Western Wall is a long-standing tradition that aims to strengthen the believer’s connection to God, Jerusalem, and Israel.




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Former U.S. President Trump placing a note in the Western Wall during his visit to Jerusalem in 2017

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Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio placing a note in the Western Wall during his visit to Jerusalem in 2014

Why place your note in the Western Wall?

  • Join a long-living tradition that has been empowering believers for decades.
  • Be like Popes, US presidents, and world leaders who already left their notes in the Western Wall.
  • Enrich your connection to God. Strengthen your connection to Jerusalem and Israel.
  • Share your prayer and inspire fellow believers from all over the world.
  • Everyone can pray directly to God, but by leaving your prayer note you can also support a good cause in Israel.

Who You Will Help

Chasdei Naomi

” (Naomi’s Grace) – Charity for widows and orphans in Israel
“Chasdei Naomi” foundation is a non-profit that provides food packages for the need in Israel. It all started with a single man, Yosef Cohen, who turned his bus into a mobile charity organization. After work every day, he would go from house to house, collect groceries, organize them into packages, and distribute them to needy families that same evening.
Today, more than 10,000 families are regularly supported by Chasdei Naomi and even more on special occasions.
The ‘Chasdei Naomi’ charity includes more than 20,000 volunteers who work in about 40 distribution points throughout the country. The food packages are given to needy families, orphans, widows, Holocaust survivors, or needy seniors, arriving without the association’s label or identification marks to avoid embarrassment and maintain the dignity of the beneficiaries.

Who You Will Help


Prayinote lets you feel confident that your donations have made it to the right hands. We make sure to work only with charities that are adequately managed and approved by the Israeli Tax Authority and are qualified as tax-deductible charities. This designation indicates that they meet the strictest legal and financial criteria set by the government.

Thank You For Supporting The
Needy In Israel


Got A Question?

Will someone read my note?

No one will read your note unless you choose to share your note on our social media (Facebook and Instagram). The process of placing your note is fully automated. First, we receive your note, then it is printed automatically, and we fold it without reading a single line.

How will I know you actully left the note for me in the Western Wall?

Once your note is placed in the Western Wall, you will receive a confirmation email with a video of your note placed in the Western Wall. If you haven’t received the confirmation email, we will credit you with the total amount you have paid.

Is Prayinote a non-profit?

Prayinote is a for-profit organization that focuses on helping the needy in Israel through prayers of people from all over the world. Our goal is to empower prayer and charity.

How much money goes to the charity organizations?

After tax and expenses (marketing, salaries, paper, and inc), about 35% goes straight to the charity organizations.

How do I contact you?

Very simple, you can write an email to: [email protected] or reach us by Facebook or Instagram.


Our prayers are the most personal thing we have in life, but you can inspire others with your honesty once they are shared. For example, imagine if you pray for your loved one or a family member to heal from a disease? What if you face a hard time in your life and need that little up-lifting from others? Receiving a cheering up from others can be powerful and significant for you or your loved ones. We encourage you to share your prayer in our community on Facebook and Instagram precisely for that.

“Love begins in our home by praying together.” – Mother Teresa

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