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What Is The Western Wall?

The Western Wall, also known as The Wailing Wall, is a part of what used to be the temple of the Jewish people in Jerusalem. It’s Jerusalem’s holiest site, and it appears in many historical writings from the Roman era and in the story of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Placing a note in the cracks of the Western Wall is a long-standing tradition that aims to strengthen the believer’s connection to God, Jerusalem, and Israel.

Who Place Their Notes At The Western Wall?


Former U.S. President Trump placing a note in the Western Wall during his visit to Jerusalem in 2017.


Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio placing a note in the Western Wall during his visit to Jerusalem in 2014.


Actor Morgan Freeman placing a note in the Western Wall during his visit to Jerusalem in 2018.


World’s best soccer player Lionel Messi placing a note in the Western Wall during his visit to Jerusalem In 2019


Late actor Kirk Douglas placing a note in the Western Wall during his visit to Jerusalem In 2016

Be A Part Of Jerusalem’s Holiness

Join a long-living tradition that has been empowering believers for decades. Be like the Popes, US. Presidents and other influential people already placed their notes in the Western Wall.

Enrich your connection to God. Strengthen your connection to Jerusalem and Israel, share your prayer and Inspire fellow believers from all over the world to do the same.

Your prayer deserves an investment, and you can choose how much it’s worth for you.

Find Out Who

Will Be Sending Your Prayer

Hi there, my name is Itamar, and I am happy to have you here!

I’ve been guiding thousands of true believers who visited Jerusalem and its holy sites in the past six years. My profession’s greatest joy was seeing how people reacted once they were praying in the sites that appear in the stories of the new and the old testaments. To see that pure connection to God, to themselves, and the holy land kept me going and understand that I am here for a better cause than just making a living. Visiting Israel, and Jerusalem, in particular, is an experience I wish every true believer of God will have in their life.

However, everything changed in March 2020 with the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Isreal has shut down its borders, leaving Jerusalem far and out-reached for millions of people from all over the world. I found myself unemployed, and unhappy knowing it would take a while until people could come and visit Israel once again.

So to cheer up my guests from the past, I started to ask them to write down their prayers and send them to me for me to go and place them in the holiest site of Jerusalem – The Western Wall. I see how much joy it brings for them, and that’s why I’ve decided to make it my life’s mission, to help people amplify their faith and their connection to Jerusalem with a simple act of kindness.

I wish you all the best in your life and God bless you!


Itamar Lerner, Your Prayer Delivery Guy

Share Your Prayer

And Inspire Others

Your prayer is the most personal thing you have in life, but you can inspire others with your honesty once it’s shared. For example, imagine if you pray for your loved one or a family member to heal from a disease? What if you face a hard time in your life and need that little up-lifting from others? Receiving a cheering up from others can be powerful and significant for you or your loved ones. We encourage you to share your prayer in our community on Facebook precisely for that.

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So How Much Does It Cost?

It’s very simple. I will let you decide how much you are willing to pay for it. How much does your prayer worth for you? Is it worth 1$? 10$? Or maybe more? I do appreciate any sum of money you are willing to donate. And if you are not happy with the results, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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